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Comarketers is growth marketing company working alongside B2B companies to drive growth. We help to build, grow and scale a customer pipeline in Europe and across the globe by strategizing and executing marketing for growth. Your comarketing department. 

Comarketers; Coworkers. Co-authors. Co-investors. Your contract marketing partner to create opportunity for growth.


Creating opportunity

Our mission is twofold: we empower new products and companies to market by creating opportunities for growth, while providing career opportunities to people around the globe. By training talent on battle-tested marketing programs, we prove anyone can cross their borders.


Accelerate growth

With a passionate team of growth marketers we help companies to build, grow and scale their customer base. Trusted by small and large B2B tech and service companies across the globe, we accelerate their growth in Europe.


Learn to strategize, manage and execute growth marketing from experienced growth marketers and specialists. Dive into our self-paced learning programs to build your growth engine yourself.

Ideal for companies with inhouse marketing professionals eager to learn

Availabe online programs


Outsource strategy or marketing execution to an army of specialized Comarketers. Managed by your dedicated point of contact, we collaborate with your marketers to help build the growth engine to hit the ground running.

Ideal for scaleups with inhouse marketing professionals and need for speed

Popular marketing tasks


Outsource growth marketing entirely, with an experienced Growth Marketing Manager, backed by a specialized growth marketing team, collaborating with your inhouse team as an extension of your organization.

Ideal for teams with little or no marketers in house and limited growth experience

Performance-based service

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Great place to grow

We believe the best solutions for growth require a scalable approach. A local European team and a global talent workforce is such a scalable solution. For companies and talent, it’s a great place to grow.

We continuously look for people to join the journey. Enthusiasts with ambition, a unique skill set and eagerness to learn. If you respond well to diversity, autonomy and pace, we want to meet you.

Based at CIC Rotterdam (Cambridge Innovation Center), The Netherlands

Growing your career?

Are you interested in joining a divers, collaborative, high-performing team of marketing professionals, contributing to a mission? Do you have what it takes to accelerate company growth? 

Our talent network of comarketers cover the skills needed

Account intelligence

Ideal customer profiles, targeted account lists, account scoring

Lead intelligence

Buyer personas, customer journeys, contact lists, lead scoring

Data analytics

Conversion tracking, site analytics, digital marketing dashboards

Content marketing

Inbound content, production, promo, content curation, syndication

UI/UX design

User Interface, User Experience design, graphic design, photography, video

Social media

Content strategy, content calendar, production, monitoring, engagement

SEO (search engine)

Search Engine Optimalization, keyword analysis, backlink analysis, SEO content 

SEM (paid search)

Search Engine Marketing, search ads, display, performance management 

PPC (pay per click)

Pay per click analysis and campaigns, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram

Lead generation

Multitouch lead generation, nurturing campaigns, conversion paths, CRO

Accountbased marketing

Segment A/B/C Accounts, ABM messaging and smart content, CRO

Marketing automation

Implementation automated inbound marketing software, email marketing

Our Story

After twenty years managing marketing at large companies and startups, I founded Comarketers. Following my experiences in cofounding accelerators and demand generation across the globe, I've seen a need for a more accountable, flexible, and affordable way to grow. With a sincere passion for marketing beyond the usual, and a genuine believe that everyone with talent deserves an opportunity, we're on a mission to connect the two. To create a long-lasting impact with anyone who wants to join us in this endeavour.
Nanneke Zelle


Powerful Together

To empower our distributed teams, we collaborate with local partners with feet on the ground, both in marketing operations, sales management and execution and marketing technology.

Marketing Operations

We collaborate with the Innovation Hub Africa as one of our marketing operations hubs. Our offshore team members support in Account and Lead Intelligence, Web and Content Research, Digital Marketing, Marketing Technology implementations and overall Marketing Operations support.

Extended Salesforce

We are cofounder and partner of Scaleforce, the extended salesforce for AI companies that want to scale in Europe. Integrating marketing and sales, Scaleforce provides clients a dedicated account team and expansive enterprise network, covering the entire funnel from lead generation to signed contract.

Technology Partners

A scalable infrastructure uses a wide range of different marketing technology tools. We partner with a variety of software solutions in the field of sales intelligence, smart content management, account based marketing automation and workforce management and collaboration tools.


Industries served

Our Comarketers have worked for leading (inter)national B2B companies, ranging from fast-growing startups up to SMEs and corporates in SaaS, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Manufacturing, Facilities, Logistics, Professional Services, and more.

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