Managed service

Get a dedicated growth team to get ready to grow, generate demand and grow anywhere. 

Grow faster with our Managed Service. Your own team of growth marketers. A systematic process. And the scalable infrastructure needed to build a healthy pipeline in Europe and across the globe.

We offer a growth marketing program that comes as an all-inclusive solution.
Get your team, process and tools with the program that fits your stage of growth.


6,750 /month
  • Customer segmentation
  • Value proposition and competition
  • Marketing collateral | Online


3 - 12 MONTHS
7,250 /month + 7% commission fee
  • Content strategy and assets
  • Marketing channel mix
  • Campaigns and programs


3 - 12 MONTHS
8,750 /month + 4% commission fee
  • Team development
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Process optimization

What's included

For a period of at least three months we assemble a specialised growth marketing team: a dedicated growth marketing manager, backed by 4+ specialists. They are dedicated to strategize and execute your customized growth marketing program. We partner closely with sales to align all efforts around growth ambitions, deliverables and metrics – the quality of the leads and opportunities coming in. 

Jumpstart program

Within 3 months, we build your brand positioning and product messaging to stand out from the crowd. Set your ideal customer profile. And implement your value proposition across all marketing channels.

Go-to-market plan

Markets, solution, messaging, channels, campaigns, team, tech

Value proposition

Customer need, value proposition, pricing, competitive landscape

Brand messaging

Branding, messaging outline, elevator pitch, collateral, online media

Account intel

Ideal customer profiles, targeted account lists, account scoring

Lead intelligence

Buyer personas, customer journey, contacts, lead scoring

Data analytics

Objectives, north star metric, customer tracking, dashboard

Growth plan

Customers, propositions, content tactics, channels, lead sources, sales, campaigns

Content marketing

Content strategy, inbound, production, curation, syndication, UI/UX

SEO | Social media

Search engine optimization, keyword and backlink analysis, social posts


Search engine marketing (Google Ads), display, PPC (sponsored content)

Lead generation

Multitouch lead generation, nurturing, account-based marketing, attribution, CRO

Data analytics

Conversion tracking, data analytics, digital marketing dashboard

Accelerate program

In a 3+ months program, we build a foundational demand generation engine to generate qualified leads, opportunities and a healthy pipeline through our battle-tested demand gen approach.

Scale-up program

We will localize and automate your marketing for customer acquisition at scale through implementation and execution of a scalable, account-based infrastructure.

Scale-up plan

Localization, verticalization, team org, martech stack, process optimization

Demand generation

Multitouch lead generation, nurturing, account-based marketing, attribution, CRO

Data analytics

Conversion tracking, data analytics, digital marketing dashboard

Team development

Marketing team org, recruitment, onboarding, skills development

MarTech stack

Tech solution design, integrations, utilizing and optimizing features

Process optimization

Processes at scale, process automation, workflow and workforce management

Growth stage

Explore the growth marketing program that fits your stage of growth

Who we serve

We help leading B2B startups, innovative SMEs and corporate ventures in their stages of growth: from go-to-market, to accelerated growth and European expansion.

Tech startups

SaaS companies, including AI, Computer Vision, NLP, MedTech, AgTech, InsurTech

Service SMEs

Innovative SMEs in professional services, logistics, healthcare, facility services, customer service.

Corporate ventures

Artificial intelligence, internet of things, circular economy, platforms, digital transformation

How it works

For our managed programs we limit our clients to have full focus. Therefore, we pay close attention to those we can truly help. We provide a maximum of five new slots per quarter for companies interested to get the job done. We co-invest by capturing part of our time commitment into a commission fee on sales as a comarketing partner.

Free consultation

Request a consultation to evaluate if growth marketing is the right approach for you.

Growth intake

We evaluate the stage of growth your company is in and the need that fits your company most.

Team kick-off

Setup for growth with dedicated team lead and your comarketers team to kickstart the program.

Monthly sprints

We strategize and execute: ideate, build, implement and optimize tactics for growth with rapid experimentation.

Measure & Learn

Evaluation of output and outcome to iterate in next sprints towards best-performing initiatives.


Accountable. Adaptable. Affordable.

3+ mo

Grow demand

With a global talent workforce, pre-trained on our marketing programs, we grow qualified leads as of 90 to 120 days on average.


Qualified pipeline

We manage to triple+ the existing pipeline and sales forecast with a significant increase of qualified leads and a healthy lead velocity.


Return on investment

By scaling best-performing growth marketing efforts, the average return on investment is 3 times your initial customer acquisition budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a mission-driven growth agency. We serve clients who strive for sustainable growth, and apply such an integrated growth strategy ourselves as well; a commitment to the growth of our clients, while providing career opportunities to talent across the globe.

We’re fully specialized in b2b companies expanding in Europe with a battle-tested blueprint for growth. We are one of the few marketing agencies who co-invest by commission. Meanwhile building the largest pre-trained workforce on b2b growth marketing programs to provide speed and scalability to all clients.

We’re an open source, sharing all our tools and resources to make growth accessible for anyone, for any budget: to do it yourself, to do it together, or to get it done. No lock-in.

That depends. A fully detailed, specific outline of activities to undertake and key results to expect is part of the growth plan included in any program. We validate and iterate on the forecast in practice in the first 3 months, and from there, can be more precise on the growth figures.

From experience, we are able to triple a customer base in the accelerator stage, with a significant increase of leads after 90 days, and a return on investment of at least 3:1. To reassure, we only take on clients if we expect to be able to drive growth. After all, offering a performance-based service with skin in the game, we have a common interest as your comarketing partner. 

Our pricing is performance based: a monthly retainer + commission fee on actual sales for the growth programs accelerate and scale-up. This pricing includes strategy and execution – like content, design, SEO, campaigns, and so on. It excludes advertising and conference budget. With this pricing model, we co-invest up to ± 40% in marketing. We limit the initial fee while you pay-as-you-grow.

No. All our programs start as of three months. After three months, you can extent or cancel every month. On average, we expect it will take a full year to build a repeatable growth engine, and another year to have the scalable infrastructure. You may decide at any time to take over yourself. We will provide you the tools, resources and training you need to take over at any time.

The programs are output and outcome-based. Therefore, time spent will vary by month and based on targets set. On average, a marketing manager spends 1 to 2 days a week, and the growth marketing team between 4 up to 8 hours per comarketer per week. On average, the specialized team covers one full-time equivalent (FTE).

You will have your dedicated growth marketing manager as an extension of your organization, who will lead the Comarketers growth team. We set a meeting and reporting schedule during program kick-off, but in general, you will have monthly 2-hour sessions, and weekly check-ins. Next to that, there is regular weekly and daily interaction to align and update with a set of collaboration and reporting tools set.

Get help to accelerate growth

Request your free consultation to evaluate the need that fits your stage of growth.