Accelerate phase

Generate demand

How to get qualified leads and build a set of campaigns that guide ideal buyers across their journey. How to reach them where they are with the content that helps solve their problem and purchase your product.

Blueprint: The Way to Grow in B2B

• Are your campaigns generating qualified leads and opportunities?
• Is your content helping your buyers to consider your solution? 
• Do you know where best to reach your target customers?


To accelerate growth you need a growth engine that converts; a fully systematized & (semi-)automated way to grow your customer base. Build multi-channel campaigns that will convert strangers into visitor and visitors into qualified leads. 

Deliverable: predictable pipeline

At the end of this stage, you have found your best performing campaigns, content and  channels and have them up and running. You’ve optimized for conversion with a return on investment of > 3:1, able to predict revenue month-over-month. You’re ready to scale.

STAGE 2 | Building Blocks

Accelerate | Generate demand

6. Marketing channels

What are the most effective channels to attract, engage and nurture customer relationships. Experiment with lead sources to allocate budget to best performing channels.

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Partnerships are for most B2B companies one of the major growth drivers and important channels to go after. Building a partner strategy and finding the right partners is key to accelerate growth.

Business development (BDR)
High quality appointment setting
Social selling

Validate | Accelerate | Scale

Goals and data analytics

Build a data-driven engine from end-to-end, to allocate resources and budget to best performing efforts. Setup performance marketing to build, measure and learn.

The growth of business and companies are often measured against Objectives and Key results (OKR) and a set of key metrics. OKR is a goal setting and management framework to align all teams around a clear vision and a common measurable outcome. Key metrics are spearheaded by a north star metric that captures customer value for sustainable growth.

The key funnel metric  framework is a forecast from lead to close to growth for goal setting. The conversion rates are validated during the stages of growth to build a predictable pipeline. Breakdown by customer size and lead source, by year/quarter/month, for segmentation and YOY growth.

Customer data and tracking of  interactions with (potential) customers. Identifying all touchpoints in the customer buying process with multi-attribution allows to understand the combination of events that have lead to conversion.

Combining key funnel metrics and growth tactics in an overall marketing budget will sum up customer acquisition costs (CAC). Define customer lifetime value (CLV) to calculate return on investment (ROI) of all marketing efforts accelerating growth.

An integrated online marketing dashboard keeps track of all growth metrics. The outcome of key initiatives measured against the Objectives and Key results set, enables to build a customer pipeline in a repeatable manner.

Ready to scale

At the end of this stage, you have found your best performing marketing channels and have them up and running. You’ve optimized for conversion with an ROI of 3>1, able to predict revenue growth month-over-month. You’re ready to scale to other geos or verticals.

The Blueprint for Growth in B2B

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