An actionable blueprint for a go-to-market strategy for Europe

Build European go-to-market strategies including specific market knowledge, competitive intelligence, need for localization of messaging and relevant European marketing channels and tactics. Providing insights into target market size and key funnel metrics, planning and budget.

Common topics often included in marketing strategies for Europe;

  • Insights into European market opportunities: target markets (with total addressable and serviceable market, and share of the market), number of named accounts and European buyer journeys. 
  • Competitive landscape – and more in specific – marketing and sales channels and tactics used by European competition to inspire.
  • Need for localization of the value proposition, brand, messaging and content, and/or development of new content to resonate with the European buyer.
  • Recommendation plan for marketing channels, partnerships and growth tactics, content tactics, lead generation and account based marketing campaigns to accelerate a growing customer pipeline.
  • Goals, key funnel metrics from lead to close and estimated ROI. 
  • Capacity, technology and budget needed to execute.

Key funnel metrics

Based on insights in target markets, service offering and value proposition, and the plan recommendations for expansion Europe, build a forecast. This includes traffic, leads, qualified leads, opportunities and customers overall, by customer size or industry vertical, and by lead source, over a given period of time.

When executing, first focus on lead and customer conversion rates with limited traffic and spend. Then test different channels with a range of growth marketing channels and tactics. To subsequently allocate resources and budget to best-performing channels, for as far as budget allows.

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